Video Productions

Video Productions of Bill Pauley include: 

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LIVING AT GARDEN VIEW IS FUN – A five minute original music video showing the wide array of activities enjoyed at Garden View Care Centers in the St. Louis area. Garden View’s activity based dementia care program is designed to keep life productive and upbeat for residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Bill also produces radio and TV commercials for Garden View using various creative techniques including dramatic reenactments of actual events and testimonial presentations.  Click here to view dramatic re-enactment commercial.

PROCLAIM HIS SALVATION – A recruitment video for Concordia Seminary targeting prospective students interested in training for the pastoral ministry and their families. The video features a look at the mission of the seminary, the academic faculty, curriculum and lifestyle in the surrounding community. More than 12,000 DVDs and videos of the presentation have been released to date. It has been revised and updated for continued use, most recently in 2006.


GREAT TIPS ON INTERNET MARKETING – Attorney Don Kramer, founder of seven commercial websites including, provides ideas and techniques for effective marketing on the Internet. THE FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT - Attorney Kramer and a cast of expert lawyers provide training for law firms involved in debt collection.



PROVIDENCE OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH – A 10-minute marketing video demonstrating the services of Providence Occupational Health Services to potential client employers. The video featured scenes of employees in the work environment and testimonial interviews from existing clients.



LWML HIGHLIGHTS - A summary of events at the convention of the International Lutheran Women's Missionary League. Bill has produced eight highlight presentations of the LWML’s conventions including events in 2007, 2005, 2003, 2001, 1997, 1995, 1993, 1991, and 1989. Bill is scheduled to produce the mission grants presentation and highlight video for the 2007 Convention.



SENT FORTH BY GOD'S BLESSING - A two-hour video presentation of the history of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in 12 chapters. Bill also wrote the video and collaborated on the accompanying study guide. The program is designed for use by colleges, seminaries, adult courses, church and high schools. The program was honored with Concordia Historical Institute’s coveted history award “as a significant contribution to the Lutheran Archives and History In America.”


LUTHERAN CHURCH EXTENSION FUND FALL CONFERENCES – For fourteen years, Bill produced the annual Fall Conference of the LCEF. The four-day conferences featured speakers, specially produced video segments, and live and pre-recorded music presentations. The initial conferences used slide and multi-media presentations. For eleven years, the conference presentations used TVL, a sophisticated video based system. As producer, Bill coordinated the efforts of video, graphic, technical, and support personnel as well as performers and speakers. He wrote the speeches of many of the key speakers.


CROSSING THE BORDER – A sales promotion documentary about the benefits offered to international shippers by the joint venture of the American trucking company M.S. Carriers of Memphis and Mexican carrier Transportes EASO of Mexico City. The video was shot on location in Mexico City, Monterrey, and Laredo.  Click here to view Spanish video exerpt.



THE GOOD STEWARD – A fifteen minute program used in the rollout of a new Lutheran Church Extension Fund offering, the StewardAccount, an investment that features check writing, a debit card, and Electronic Funds Transfer capabilities. The program explains how the StewardAccount can help investors exercise good stewardship over the gifts God has provided them.



PASTORAL LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE – An 8-minute program in which PLI participants answer key questions about how the Institute is helping to strengthen their ministries. PLI provides advanced leadership training to pastors. Their wives are integral parts of the training attending learning events and participating in ongoing activities. The program is used to inform LCMS members about the ministry and help in fund raising activities. It was premiered at the Mega-Church Conference in Texas in January 2000.


WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO – A training program designed to help employees working in Social Ministry organizations to understand roots and purposes of their organizations. The program used a series of dramatized vignettes to model behaviors that communicate the spirit of caring ministry.




HUMAN CARE VIGNETTES – Premiered at the convention of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, this series of vignettes described various Human Care Ministries of the LCMS including Lutheran Services In America, LCMS World Relief, Special Pastoral Care and Clinical Education, LCMS Health Services and District and Congregational Human Care.



CONVERSATIONS - A series of short dramas about people dealing with various crises in life. The dramas showed individuals talking to others in crisis and sharing how their own faith helped them to deal with the problems they faced. The program also included a study guide to help classroom facilitators stimulate discussion of the dramatic vignettes about how to share the gospel.



WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING - A tribute tracing the career of Dean James McKelvey of the School of Engineering. The presentation was premiered at a special retirement banquet for the Dean. A copy was presented to him, also. We used photos of the Dean at various stages of his career set to music of the times.



NOT WITHOUT HOPE - NBC Easter Special telling the stories of people facing disaster and personal tragedy. Bill produced flood and murder segments. The program won the International Angel award and is now being distributed as a home video.




SAVING BEARINGS - An industrial marketing tape to acquaint CEOs and financial executives with a new process for lubricating heavy equipment in factories. The tape is distributed as part of a national advertising campaign.




FIREFIGHTING: IT'S A RISKY BUSINESS - A three part training tape for firefighters designed to help them determine what is safe and what is reasonable risk during fire and emergency situations.




THE CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY SYSTEM - A presentation of new developments in learning on the 10 campuses of the Concordia University System. On-camera narrator is Jon Scott of Fox News, Dateline NBC and A Current Affair.




DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SEMINAR – Another program technically similar to what you plan to do with your compliance video. Judge James Sheridan of the Michigan Superior Court talks to social work professionals about the motivation and behaviors of domestic abusers. A simple classroom set was used with Avid generated title slides to support main points made by the speaker.



EYES THAT HEAR GOD’S WORD - A documentary about 100 years of ministry to deaf people in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.


IBM CHECK PROCESSING - A series of training videos about the various aspects of processing checks in a bank using IBM systems and reader/sorters. Bill also wrote the 125-page training manual that was used as part of the course.




ST. LOUIS COUNTY GOVERNMENT PROGRAM - A documentary about two senior citizen programs operated by the St. Louis County Government.


PRISONERS - The story of how an unjustly convicted inmate in a Nevada prison and his wife cope with their situation. It is the story of how his faith helps him to live day-by-day and to minister to other inmates about the love of Jesus Christ. Produced for LLL.




PATCHWORK OF LOVE - A documentary about unique and effective ministries to prisoners in Illinois, mentally retarded people in Indiana, veterans in Chicago, senior citizens in Florida and Kurdish refugees in Turkey and Iraq. Distributed with a Bible study by the International Lutheran Women's Missionary League.



TEXAS MISSION PRESENTATIONS - A series of on-location presentations for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Texas District used in fund raising activities. Each segment told the story of a different church or ministry supported by the Texas District. One presentation showed a Texas pastor who operated a mission devoted to establishing ministries in NYC.



MEMORABLE MOMENTS - The story of the activities of the International Lutheran Laymen's League after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe and after the Beijing massacre in Tien An Men Square in China. Narrated by football coach Jim Wacker who was head coach at both TCU and Minnesota.



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