Writing Assignments

Some notable writing assignments include:

ONGOING ASSIGNMENTS - Bill has experience writing radio and TV spots, websites, newsletters, direct-mail programs, business-to-business materials, and more.

THIS IS OUR FAITH - A series of fifteen 7-10 minute videos to support 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade religious training for Catholic elementary schools.

CASH MANAGEMENT FOR BUSINESS TEAMS - A training course in cash management for all business units of Fortune 500 Agricultural Chemical Company.

AMOCO NEXT STEPS - Classroom and support materials for training service personnel in Amoco locations.

IBM CHECK PROCESSING - A video training program about check processing in banks using IBM systems and reader/sorters. Bill wrote the 125 page training manual and directed and edited the five videos used in the course.

THE MYSTERY SHOPPER - A video using on-location vignettes to teach good customer service techniques to Shell station employees. It is a follow-up to a 1988 customer service video, YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE, which Bill also scripted. Bill wrote the training manual that accompanies the video.

CONVERSATIONS - A video describing the features of the 1992 Cadillac Eldorado and Seville automobiles. It is told from the perspective of the cars that talk about the needs of customers who come into their showroom.

IBM - THE QUEST FOR TELEPHONE EXCELLENCE - A video training program to teach phone skills to IBM employees. The video created a fictional game show where contestants won prizes by answering questions about receiving messages, using voice mail, and providing good service over the phone. All North American IBM employees received the training.

ATT- HOW TO EXCEED CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS - Customer Service training for employees in ATT Phone Center Stores. The interactive training used in-store vignettes and situations to demonstrate customer service skills and techniques.

NORTHERN TELECOM CENTREX TROUBLESHOOTING - A highly technical CBT course to help telephone company employees learn troubleshooting techniques for telephone customer groups using sophisticated Centrex technology.

EXXON CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING - A video about serving customers in Exxon stations.


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